ITU Chicago Course Preview

About 10 days from today, the eyes of the triathlon community will turn to the City of Chicago when it hosts the ITU World Triathlon Series (WTS). Chicago will be the third-ever U.S. city to host an ITU WTS race (after San Diego in 2012 and 2013 and Washington, DC in 2009) and the first to host the Grand Final (in 2015) since the series was founded five years ago. Sooo it’s a pretty big deal!



I saw my first ITU draft-legal race three years ago when I raced at the Amateur World Championships in Beijing in 2011. I was enamored with the event – this was a whole different ballgame from non-draft racing! Since then, I have continued to follow the ITU circuit, so I was extremely excited when the 2014 and 2014 ITU WTS races were announced in Chicago shortly after I relocated here for school.


In my 9 months here, I have found the Chicago triathlon community to be extremely active at every level of the sport, beginner to elite. The popularity of triathlon in the Chicago is evident in this spring’s Chicago Triathlon announcement that 100 participants will be allowed to compete in the race on Divvy Bikes in order to make the race more accessible to people who cannot afford to own a bike!

I have read some rumblings online about the course, so when Adam suggested I record a course walk-through, I loved the idea! I hope this video can help everyone coming into town for the event to visualize their race and get PSYCHED about the experience they have in store. Check it out!

As a Chicago resident and developing triathlete, I am so excited to have the opportunity to race next weekend! It would be my first race of the season (and my first in over a year!) as I make my way back from injury, giving it that much more meaning. To everyone also preparing for ITU Chicago, train safe, train hard, and let the countdown begin!