Practicing Patience

A (wo)man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.
— George Savile

When I was growing up, Cadillac was the brand of grandparents. No one under 70 drove one. As the Harvard Business Review says, by the turn of the century, Cadillac “fell so far some thought it would never return to glory."

However, Cadillac began a decade-long turnaround in 1999/2000 with what Design Chief Mark Adams calls, “A revolution, and a change of internal culture in the company to think about Cadillac in a different way… The only way we could re-establish Cadillac was to do something evocative.” Today, Cadillac’s sales are the highest they’ve been since 1976, according to Fast Company’s How Cadillac Designed A Comeback. But even that revolution took time – it took open-mindedness, determination, but also patience.

This is a lesson that we can apply to our own lives, and that I am applying to my training as we speak. 

Over the past two weeks, I have been launching my own revolution on my swim and run form. I travelled down to Austin, TX to work with renowned swim coach, Kim Brackin, followed by a trip to Boulder to assess and revamp my run form with running guru Bobby McGee. The sessions with these two amazing coaches were so informative (read: brain overload!), and so inspiring. I departed from Austin with a drastically different stroke from when I arrived, and I left Boulder having felt muscles my body almost forgot I had. I couldn't be more grateful to Kim and Bobby for the time they spent with me and the wisdom they imparted to me.


All of this change is exciting, because of the possibilities it opens up in terms of untapped speed! However, I now keep having to catch myself from getting ahead of myself. Both Kim and Bobby’s last instructions to me were, “be patient, change takes time."


I admittedly am one of those people who like to see change instantaneously, and that’s just not how the body works. So while it can be frustrating at times, I am chipping away every day, drilling new movement patterns into my muscle memory with the confidence that keeping the faith, being patient, and refusing to give up will ultimately lead to my own revolution in the sport.

 Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

On that note, I leave you with some pics of my adventures from the East Coast, to the Lone Star State, to the Colorado Mountains over the last two weeks.