Swimming & Sun: Winter Camp in the Sunshine State

This week, I hit the 2-month marker until 2016 racing begins! That check-point had me thinking about how it’s easy to talk about pursuing excellence, defying boundaries, seeking to be the best of the best. But when it comes down to it, champions are made by walking the walk. Executing what matters the most, when it matters the most. THAT is the hard part. And opportunities to do so don’t just arise on race day. Sometimes the smallest of details when repeated over time = long-term leaps and bounds!

Over the last 10 days, I was presented with the chance to put actions behind my words when I say I want to develop into the best triathlete I can be, to defy my own boundaries. As Adam and I headed down to Florida with coach for swim/run camp, I faced numerous insecurities: Would my joints hold up to the highest running mileage, the most swimming yardage, and the most swimming intensity I’ve faced to date, all combined in one week? Could I keep my training quality up through it all?

I dealt with this challenge (slash opportunity) as I do pretty much all others: by taking one stroke, one step, one workout at a time. I focused on the present instead of worrying about the next morning’s workout or how the previous workout could/should have gone. I also made a concerted effort to view each killer workout as an opportunity to prove to myself, to my coach, that I could rise above anything thrown at me; as an opportunity to grow my mental strength, physical endurance, technical skill, you name it so that I’m where I want to be come race day.

But hard work isn’t just for 10-day training trips/camps. It’s gotta happen every day. All in all, it was a super productive trip, and I now return home for Christmas and, after a couple recovery days, I’m stoked to give myself the best Christmas gift of all: SPEED!