2015: Year in Review

Happy new year from Henderson, NV, Team IE's home for the winter! What a year it's been. My life is quite different from one year ago today, and two years ago today, I honestly didn't think my life would take the turn that it has. 2015 has been a year of growth, of leaps of faith, of taking the path-less-traveled not knowing exactly what that path - professional triathlon - will bring but confident that it is what will bring happiness and fulfillment.

I write this post under the weather, which always serves to reinforce my gratitude for good health, for my fitness, for the opportunity to push my body and mind to the limit in ways some people will never experience. Hopefully I'll be back at it soon (thank you antibiotics), but as I sit here on my behind, I've had some time to reflect on my big lessons from 2015. Lessons that I hope to take with me to find even more happiness and success and meaning in 2016. I thought I'd share them with you in the hopes that they may help you get 2016 off to a bright start.

Luck may favor the prepared, but sometimes you have to throw away the "plan" and do what feels right. While Chicago Booth engrained a love and deep appreciation for data-driven decision making, in real life we often have to make decisions without all the info, without knowing exactly what the result will be. I faced this head-on in 2015, deciding to pass up recruiting offers and a "known" path in favor of pursuing my passion, and a new opportunity - triathlon! In the process, I've developed a much improved ability to cope with ambiguity.

More is not always more. One of the big lessons I've learned (but admittedly sometimes still need to remind myself of) is that in sport and business we can easily get wrapped up in the rat race, thinking that doing more will beget more. But sometimes we've gotta hold back - whether it's sticking to that recovery run and running easy to the best of your ability even when you wanna get faster, or writing less in that memo but really making your words count. 

Everything Affects Everything Stress is stress is stress. Find mentors, coaches, managers to help you create a process that will allow you to achieve your goals by prioritizing where to bring the "stress," the work if you will. Stressing your body/mind can create strength and growth in the long-term, but letting in other stressors will push you over the edge. Spreading yourself thin won't lead to achievement across the board, so in a world that is defined more and more by "FOMO" (fear of missing out) thus making it harder and harder to commit to one or two things, make that commitment. Say "no" a little bit more so that when you say "yes," when you pursue something, it means that much more.

And now, a few pictures to sum up 2015! Happy new year to all -- may 2016 bring joy, health, and happiness!