Patience v Vigilance

Watching the women race at WTS Gold Coast this past weekend, I was admittedly envious. As a first-year pro, I am hungry for speed, for racing at that highest level, for victory (but aren’t we all?!). Coach is often saying that the hardest thing about coaching me is I’m never satisfied with my progression – the minute I’m faster, I want to be EVEN FASTER! Thus, the conversation of “patience” and “process” is one he and I have often. 

 Goosebumps (source: )

Goosebumps (source:

I also remember my first triathlon coach saying “you’ve got to be patient and wait for the right opportunity sometimes!!” But to me, patience isn’t necessarily about “waiting.” You can still be vigilant: working your butt off day-in and day-out, and seeking to execute each workout, each rolling/stretching session, each nap to the fullest extent. I believe that when I can truly combine vigilance with patience, that is when the process can fully unfold and breakthroughs will happen.

It’s hard to put that kind of energy into something while simultaneously taking your hands off the wheel and letting the results take care of themselves; to be driving towards the future with that kind of determination while keeping your head completely in the present….. but so is winning!

So, I'm committing myself to each workout, each race, each recovery session, each meal. It's all going towards one goal: being the best I can be (oh, and that elusive gold medal). But I'm also learning to exercise patience... baby steps!