2 Seconds

I'm gonna keep this post brief.... it matches my most recent race/trip to beautiful Bermuda!

This past weekend was a whirlwind. Nothing like flight cancellations, itinerary diversions, and arriving in the country you’re racing in only 18 hours before you toe the line! All this considered, my race at the Hamilton Continental Cup this weekend was decent – not outstanding, but not poor by any standards. I was glad to have a swim that more accurately reflects my fitness/ability versus my last showing in Sarasota, and at the end of the day I was grateful just to be able to race this weekend.

But the race was a reminder of how 2 seconds can make or break your race in draft legal racing. While non-draft and draft-legal racing are all technically “triathlon,” they are two completely different sports. ITU/draft-legal racing is unique in that even the smallest lapse in focus can turn a 2 second deficit coming out of the water into a 1+ minute deficit by the end of the bike. One false step coming out of T1 and I couldn’t quite make the front pack. I continued to dig in on the bike and put up a respectable run given the fact that we continue to keep bike and run mileage low to focus on the swim. But it’s both encouraging and frustrating to be so close but so far from the medal hunt!

I’m coming home from Bermuda happy with the baby steps of progress and of course grateful to be bringing back some cash-moneyz, but more hungry and motivated than ever to keep chipping away to close that 2-second gap…. Actually, forget 2 seconds… we're shooting for 10secs in that swim. Go big or go home, right?! Gotta get fast enough so I can return to the gorgeous island and its amazing people for the WTS race next year :D

For your enjoyment, a few shots of my brief (48-hour) trip to Bermuda: