The Step in Front of You

Just under 2 weeks ago, I toed the line with 26 other women at CAMTRI Richmond. I was feeling pretty fit, particularly in the water, and I love the whole race - course, people, you name it - at Richmond. The course has technical intrigue: I’ll never say “no” to a wetsuit swim, and the energy/excitement surrounding the race is infectious. Endorphin does a fabulous job making the race seamless from start to finish for the athletes, and both last year and this year I have been stunned at the volunteer power they generate (including my amazing homestay host, Dennis!).

I knew there was going to be some stiff competition at the race, but as always, all I could do is throw down and give it my best. I executed a strong swim just like my coach and I talked about, but I got away from myself in transition. As I let my mind wander in T1 instead of focusing on the step right in front of me, I began to make silly errors. Grabbing my bike before putting my helmet on and missing my feet in my shoes as I mounted the bike (read: futzing alert!) led to critical lost seconds that created an uphill battle on the bike and a soul-crushing 10-second penalty on the run. The result was a disappointing 7th place finish in a race where I thought a podium might be possible on my best day.


Total blast having Team IE-mates at this race as well! Including some of my bestest friends who live in the Mid-Atlantic region!

As I’ve jumped back into training, I’ve been particularly focused on keeping my mind in the “now.” This is a skill that is particularly critical in the race format that I have coming up this weekend: the super-sprint mixed relay. At Major League Charlotte, my race will be 20 minutes long... if that. It’s the perfect opportunity to apply the work I’ve done on keeping my mind on the stroke, step, breath in front of me as I race against some new faces on CLEVELAND ROCK & ROLL (yeahhh baby!).