If there’s one thing I’ve Learned in Triathlon…

It is that concern about one thing will distract focus from another. You invest your precious time, hard-earned money, limited energy, blood, sweat, and even sometimes tears into training for that race you signed up for months ago. Don’t let the complex logistics of multi-sport racing—the “other things”—get in the way of your fitness shining on race day!

Source:  Witsup

Source: Witsup

While many people talk about getting to the start line, I want to empower you to get to the finish line; and in triathlon that requires more than just fitness. Whether you are a beginner wondering “what is a transition,” an elite amateur seeking that last 1% via better race planning, or an avid triathlete looking to plan a race-cation, I will work with you—drawing on my years of experience racing the fastest women in the world—to take your race experience to the next level.

Areas of Expertise Include:

~ Developing a race-day or weekend schedule ~

~ Getting to know and setting up transition ~

~ Race-day fundamentals (preparing for the swim start; bike how-to’s) ~

~ Race-cation Planning (optimizing flight/hotel selection; developing packing strategy) ~

~ Time management (developing a plan to balance fitness goals with life) ~

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