Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.
— Dan Gable
Sarah earned the bronze medal in a USA podium sweep at  CAMTRI Havana

Sarah earned the bronze medal in a USA podium sweep at CAMTRI Havana


Heading into 2019, I decided to step up to the 70.3/Half-Ironman distance. While it’s still triathlon, non-draft long-course racing might as well be a different sport. I’m loving the new challenge that this distance brings—it suits my natural strengths more and I’m working hard to get my bike/run legs up to speed to make a mark in this new distance. Stay tuned for race announcements!


2018 represented a new chapter in my athletic career: new coach, new coast, new level of training in a quest to take my racing up to the next level! As Bob Wright says in my favorite podcast, if you're not moving forward, you're moving backward!


In 2017, I was no longer the new kid on the block, but I still had a lot of growth and experience to gain. I was without a doubt still learning everyday and was excited to apply my experience from a strong rookie season to put together an even stronger set of results! Highlights included:


2016 was a year of firsts: first year racing as a pro & racing the Major League Triathlon Series in its inaugural year. Highlights included:


After a coaching switch in Fall 2014, I worked hard in the off-season to get healthy and fit again. As I continued to re-find "normal," Coach Mueller and I took the season one race at a time, seeking the fastest competition, and remaining open to opportunities. Highlights included:


Number one goal for 2014 = get healthy and stay healthy! Very little racing between rehab and business school this year.

  • USAT Age Group Nationals, 18th in 25-29 Age Group




2013 was a year of high's and lows both in and out of triathlon. Sarah's season got off to a strong start, only to be brought to an abrupt halt by what was then diagnosed as a talar stress fracture (the actual injury remains unknown to-date but we now think it was a misdiagnosis). Dealing with this injury in addition to moving to Chicago to start business school, Sarah dubbed 2013 a year of reflection and rebuilding. Racing highlights included:

  • Lifetime South Beach Triathlon, 1st Place Overall Amateur Female

  • St. Anthony's Triathlon (U.S. 5150), 2nd Place Overall Amateur Female

  • TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon, 2nd Place Overall Amateur Female

  • Columbia Triathlon (U.S. 5150), 3rd Place Overall Amateur Female

  • USAT Elite Development Race, 4th Place Overall Female (3rd American)



2012 presented Sarah with her first taste of grappling with and overcoming injury. Despite 8 weeks in a walking boot in the spring, Sarah was able to pull off a handful of races, culminating in 24th place in the elite amateur division at Hy-Vee U.S. Championships.

  • Lifetime Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon, 4th Place Overall Female

  • Setup Events Culpeper Triathlon, 3rd Place Overall Female

  • USAT Age Group Nationals, 84th Place Overall Female (21st in age group)

  • Hy-Vee U.S. 5150 National Championships, 31st Place Overall Female



2011, Sarah's first "season" of racing in triathlons, although triathlon was still definitely a “hobby” at this point. Highlights included:

  • Black Bear Triathlon, 1st Place Overall Female

  • Lifetime Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon, 7th Place Overall Female (Age group division)

  • Setup Events Culpeper Triathlon, 1st Place Overall Female

  • Age Group Nationals, 97th Place Overall Female (19th Place 20-24 age group)

  • Age Group World Championships, 10th Place 20-24 age group

  • Lifetime Fitness Grand Final, 1st Place 20-24 age group