Actions speak louder than words. As such, for Sarah, working with her sponsors means more than just wearing a logo on her suit. Sarah strives to embody the mission and principles of her sponsors and work with each to apply the skills and knowledge she's gained through her professional and MBA experience to contribute to their growth, community, and customer base. Immense thanks to the support provided by each of her partners, below.


TriathlonGOLD is an elite triathlon squad run by Coach Jarrod Evans. The team is comprised of uniquely humble, talented, and hardworking TeamUSA elite development athletes who are committed to pushing each other day in and day out, empowering one another to discover their best selves, as athletes and as people.



Dr. Mitch Greene is a clinically trained sports psychologist with over 15 years of experience working with elite athletes. He is passionate about helping athletes realize their potential and has worked with Olympic- and World-caliber triathletes to help them execute when it counts.


It takes a Village

I am always looking for corporate partners to embark on this journey to defy boundaries together.

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